Visual Artis

One of my favorite things about keeping this blog is that I get to dream out loud. Now, at this particular time, I should be in bed dreaming quietly in my head, but, not for nothing it’s 3am and I am on my second peanut butter and jelly sandwich, trying my best not to drip jelly on the keyboard.  So, I thought this would be a good time to share with you.  Also late night writing in my journal is simply too hard; I am getting old and the eyes don’t work so well and without spell check at 3am my handwriting is even indecipherable to me.

You may have noticed that I have posted a few videos here on the blog.  Short clips of me playing guitar with a mix of photos.  This style of video is called “Fusion”. For the record I hate this term, unfortunately I am left without a better phrase. However in my serious guitar playing days I was drawn to a style of music that would later become known as fusion (a blend of rock, jazz, funk). So be it.

This is it, my next creative venture into the world of cinematic imagination. The dream is to become a visual artist...still images and moving pictures; a blending of the skills.

I am discovering that constructing a video is the polar opposite of how I produce a photo.  In photography my approach is re-active….this is the light, that is the subject….let it unfold and what arises is captured into my black box. For video it is all about pre-production.  The composition junkie inside of me loves this.  Think of a story, outline the how’s and what’s, set the scene, press the record button and capture it all in my black box.

I am at the beginning of this grand experiment and I am still building my video editing chops.  This is where I will have to do some serious woodshedding. That is what I love about being a working artist; it’s all about creating something new, daily. Not a bad way to earn a living. It is also what I love about this blog and sharing with you. Truth be told this is not a blog (this should be a different post). It’s a working portfolio.

Coming soon to a blog screen near you: “Create | Connect | Grow”. The video series documenting my endless search for the original whatever.   A jambalaya of random stuff with a dash of the divine, suitable for all ages.

Will it be art?