Insanely Useful Photography Tip

There are many things that we already know in photography but somehow we struggle to remember…..

In Zen philosophy we use the term “Beginner’s Mind” as a reminder to create possibilities from whatever may arise.  To slow down and see exactly what is in front of us.

In my conversation with young and upcoming photographers the same question is alway asked of me….How do I (insert question here).  The answer I give is always the same: base all your decisions on the light.

Too often photographers get caught up in trying to replicate someone else’s photos...this can not be done. Ever. Why? The light is never the same twice.

Great photographers create images from a beginner’s mind point of view.  Photograph what arises in the light that you are in.

I will be teaching this and much more in my 2013 winter workshops….

Be Great!