Insanely Useful Photography Tip

I had a conversation with an up-and-coming local photographer a few days ago.

She was telling me about how much she enjoys shooting with film and the that the quality of her work is better with film as opposed to shooting with a digital camera.

This is not a film vs. digital argument; they are both great formats.

Digital gives us the opportunity to be sloppy, to shoot extremely fast and to pick the best of the best when editing. Film does not give us that benefit; you need to shoot slow and with intent. 

Creating a photo is creating a photo. The camera or technology (or lack of ) is of no importance. Film or digital is how you choose to save your work. It should not influence how you create a photo. 

Remember this!!
Film is good.
Digital is good.
Choosing to shoot slow and purposeful is great!

Be great!

 I will be teaching this and more in my workshops….