Ok, I have been a bad blogger; sorry about that.  For the past 7yrs I have been diligent in keeping this blog updated. If I was going to take time off I would let you know.

What have I been up to, you ask? I hope you're asking. I hope I still have readers left.

For the past 12 days I’ve left you hanging without explanation of what was going on. Here it is in one short word ~ Joy

I have been out traveling the roads doing random good deeds. Seriously, I have been spreading joy over four different states. I have spread joy in cities and on mountain tops. I have spread joy in small historic towns and vast suburbs with loop-dee-loop streets.  I have spread joy over expansive interstates, turnpikes and along gravelly roads.

If you yourself have felt exceedingly extra happy it is because I have randomly spread joy to your part of the world.  And if by chance you live on the west coast and have not felt the influx of extra joy in your life over these past 12 days, it is because I was not on the west coast.  It is with deep apologies that I ask my west coast readers to forgive me.  Maybe next year I’ll spread joy your way but no promises.

Joy spreading is an act of random possibilities; you just never know when the joy spreading bug may strike me.

I’ll be writing, sharing, teaching lots of new stuff here daily (almost daily).  My new theme for photography, business and life is “Elegance”. Been doing lots of thinking on this topic.