30 Seconds to Findability

(This article was written for the member's of Encores.  I wanted to share it with you)  
Thirty seconds is it… 30 seconds to a new client or 30 seconds to a failed business venture. 

Thirty seconds is how much time and effort somebody will put in when trying to find your business online. Thirty seconds of browsing time on Google...that is it.  If you are skilled enough to have your biz come up on page one of Google then the next 30 seconds are even more crucial…that is how long a person will scan your site making a judgement if they want to stay or click away.

Thirty seconds to findability and how a photograph could save your business.

How a photo can grow your biz.

Did you know that you can embed information about your business into a photo that only Google can read? Title, keywords, tags and descriptions are not only for text; you can use that same information embedded into the meta data of a photo.  What this means for you is that now your website findability has just doubled, allowing the Google Bots to read twice the amount of information...in-turn your search engine ranking has just improved.  Pretty cool, huh? And to’s a simple solution to improving your SEO (a.k.a. Findability).

How a photo can save your biz.

Who actually reads a website? We scan, we glance, we give it the quick once-over.  What we do not do is spend time drudging through text trying to discover if this is a place I want to be. What does your Google analytics tell you? I bet your bounce rate for first time visitors is 30 seconds or less.

If your message is not communicated in the the first 30 seconds then we click away leaving a lost client diving back into the Googleverse.

Thirty seconds: live or die. First impression is all you get; make it simple, impactful, and most off all be sure it communicates your purpose.  A photo can tell a story of a 1,000 words. Remember a 1,000 words of written text is the kiss of death for a biz site.


Good photos for small businesses are almost non-existent. Let me show you how a simple, clean and purposeful photo with three bullet points of text can communicate the “What/How/Why” of your business and all in 30 seconds.

Insanely usefully business tips….
* Double your meta data, double your findability
* A good photo will: define what you do, define what you do not do and most importantly it will communicate what you want to do for your new client.