Race Day Report ~ Jason’s Jog

                          ( photo by ???? If you know who took this pic please let me know so I can give them credit)

Sunday June 3, 10 am and I am on the starting line. This is my favorite moment on race day.  I scan the crowd to see the who's who of runners.  Here I stand with a collective group of runners all running toward the purpose of doing something good. This race felt extra special for me.
This race day report started months before race day.  I had the opportunity to have a networking meeting with the race organizer Sarah Mayer.  Our meeting was not about the run but a business to business networking meet up.  A mutual friend suggested we get to know each other as possible referral resources.  After a few e-mail exchanges I am sitting in a coffee house having a conversation with Sarah.  
It started off like all networking meet ups.  This is what I do, this is what she does, this is how we can help each other's businesses grow.  Then the conversation quickly changed.  I’m not sure how, I think maybe she noticed my toe shoes and asked if I ran. 
We talked about our love for running.  The fun and craziness of a race crowd.  Our mutual passion bordering on obsession for running.  I tell her about life with NMO and she tells me the story of her pregnancy….
“I was 20 weeks pregnant when I found out that my son had a birth defect that is fatal in fifty percent of the cases.  My husband and I were told that our unborn son had a birth defect known as congenital diaphragmatic hernia or CDH for short.  We had never heard of this defect; it sounded foreign to us.  Little did we know then how acquainted we would become with this acronym. “
Today her son is a happy, healthy toddler.  A true success story.  
Sarah decided to do something for her son and all children living with CDH. Once a year she will organize a charity run.  I was hooked; there was no way that I was not going to to be part of this race day.
10K race:
We are running around the lake at North Park.  My decision before the run was to just have fun, not to run hard.  My knee is about 90% better from the Pittsburgh marathon.  I did not want to have a set back on my recovering knee. I told myself that I would take it and easy. I ran with a friend and made a couple of other friends along the way. Conversation while running is a nice thing for me, it made the race go by quickly.
First aid station was at mile marker 2. My hardest mile behind me, no knee pain and nice lady handing me a cup of water. 
The race goes smooth.  The weather was cool and sky was blue and I ran with a collective group all running towards the same goal.
I crossed the finish line at 59 minutes and  high-five the runners that I ran with.  We congratulate each other on a job well done. 
I go over to the race tent and grab an orange slice and a cup of gator aid. 
A day later I receive a Facebook note telling me that I have won for my age group.  Suffice it to say, there is not much competition in the 40 to 45 age group. There was only one other person in my age group and for all I know he could have been a walker. There will be no victory lap for me…..
One thing that does feel really good about the win is...I won on the day that all I wanted to do is have fun and help raise some money for a good cause….and for that I feel great.

To make an online donation to Global CDH in the name of Jaxson's Jog, click here.