The light is never the same twice, no composition can be repeated, a photograph is a single thread of impermanence.

Saturday night I am standing on the top deck of a boat.  The twilight is passing into darkness by the second; the wind is cold and the air is wet. I turn up my ISO to 3200, place my f/stop on 2.8, set my flash to 1/32, drag the shutter slightly...press my finger on the trigger. 

With a smile on my face I look at the image on the back of my camera. All I can think about is how limitless this machine in my hand is.  With this tool I can create photographs that the human eye will never be able to capture. I love this. The feeling never gets old; to the opposite, it grows more exciting as my years behind the camera mature. It's been 20yrs of shooting so far.

Being creative, no matter what the medium you practice, should never make you feel limited by the tools that you are working with. Limitation is never a purchasing issue, it is a thought process. A better camera (a better anything) will not make you a better artist.

Only time spent in “the doing” in “the process” ; that is where and when your camera will be transformed into a limitless instrument of creative potential. 

This photo is my first time shooting night photography with “out” a tripod and using external light. I have developed a deep passion for long exposure over the years.  Creating something new in the opposite direction of how I would normally shoot feels great.

Commandments of Creativity #4: It’s OK to fail...fail often, fail forward, enjoy the failure.

Boy, did I fail forward creating this photos...loved every snap of the shutter.