Updates, Running & Life

The mild Pittsburgh Winter has passed and a warm sunny Spring has sprouted.  Flowers bud in my front yard, birds chirp and kids ride their bikes that have been sitting dormant since the holiday. 

Running season is back; no more treadmill work outs for me.  I'm back in the woods. Running the trails and being chased by a flock of wild turkeys. OK...maybe not chased: I accidentally ran through a flock (or gaggle) of turkey on the trail and the turkeys weren't sure to flee or attack...I ran fast that day.

Last fall I decided that running was going to be a major part of my health and how I would do my advocacy work. My first major race of the year will be the Pittsburgh 1/2 marathon on May 6th.  It looks as if I will have a t-shirt designed and printed by folks who also have a NMO.  It will be a special feeling for me to wear a t-shirt that represents the people and the cause that I am running for.

It has been about three weeks since I wrote my Radical Reversal blog post.  Since then I have not written publicly because of my need to digest the feedback that I was getting from the post.  Also, I have not written due to the fact that I have been taking lots and lots of photos. More to come on the photos...good stuff!

The feedback I received from my post was split down the middle...I was either placed on a pedestal or I was knocked off my pedestal. Either place that I was put, I deserved neither the praise nor the put down.  With that said, thank you to all who took the time to write to me, it was appreciated.

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