Waking up to inspiring words is nice, very nice. Since I have started to share living with a disease, you all keep sharing with me. It's great! I wake up, read e-mails and Facebook while drinking coffee. A few days go by that “you” do not share something amazing with me: poems, stories, painting, inspirational words...keep them coming, I need them.

Remarkable ~ the spirit of a servant's heart and strength of a fighter lives so strong in many of you.

This week I ran further than I ever had: 13.6 miles in 2hrs. On November 13 I will run my first half marathon. Honestly, I question my intentions....run for myself, run to inspire, run to raise money, run away from my fears, run towards a new life?

The one absolute that I have learned this year is living life with “purpose and effort” is good medicine.

“And this I share with you

For when you feel hopeless and alone

Out of the darkness

You shall surely find a guiding light 

That crosses your path to lift you up

If only you have faith 

And you will learn your most valuable lessons.

And I know that one day we will all learn these lessons

Because we are human with human bodies

That will ultimately fail us

The important thing is 
By the Grace of God

We will have lived a life of love and friendships

And then we will know the true meaning of life

Not just recite it -

Love IS all that really matters in the end.”

~ Patti Lellock