Fast Company, Notice Me

I always wanted to have a photo published in Fast Company magazine. What I really want is Fast Company to do a featured article on me titled “The Future of Creativity” but I don’t see that happening any time soon. If I was a new-agie-type person I could visualize my future success by placing my intentions out into the universe, sit back and wait for the accolades.

Maybe I should do more commercial shoots. Every year we do a small handful of c-shoots. I have shot a college, purse company, fire truck (not as cool as the way Joe McNally does) and now a CEO of an airport deicing truck company.

He looks like the type of person that Fast Company would do an article on. Some guys just have that look; I’m powerful, I own the room, yeah I’m rich. They used talk like “we'll work the deal out on the golf course, then oysters at the bar.”

It was a great shot, lots of fun and the CEO was fun to work with.

After the shoot I went for a long walk, little too long of a walk (tired today). As I approached the entrance to the woods I saw my dog (who passed away earlier this year) walk out of the woods towards me. Same size, same gate in her walk, same puffiness to her fur, just different owners holding her leash.

I walked up to them bent down and start petting their dog and telling them the story of my loss. The couple was very kind and the dog was adoring. After the passing of my dog I was told that she would come to visit me. That she would make her presence known. That I would hear her barking or hear the clip-clap of her toe nails or feel her next to me as I took my walks, but none of that has happened.

Yesterday, I saw a dog that could have come out of the same litter. I missed her as I walked through the woods. She was my greatest teacher (sorry Dr. Mistro).

If Fast Company was to do an article on me maybe it could be called “The Future of Creativity as Taught by a Dog”