Odd Thing That Happen on my Back Porch

Maybe they are here to give me ideas about which to write. Could they be a source of divine ideas? The Greeks believe that “Genius” was a spirit or angel that sits next you as you do your work. Could birds my Genius...

As I sit on my back porch writing this, there is a Blue Jay, Cardinal, Robin and what I think is a tiny Sparrow all visiting me at the same time. One fat rabbit sits no more than ten feet from where I am seated, eating leaves off a bush. If you can believe it, a family of chipmunks scurry left and right across the patio floor at the same time. Those little buggers move fast. None of this wildlife seems to be bothered by my presence. I must not be a threat to those who live in the trees and dirt.

It’s a freakin' Disney movie. No idea why the animals feel comfortable in my backyard. No water, barely any food...small garden with only two tomato plants and a single pea plant, neither has sprouted a thing . A basil and oregano plant grows in small flower pots, but nothing has been nibbled on. I have thought about placing a bird feeder in the far back corner of the yard, but why spend the money if they already like to come around. I should at least offer them a drink, don’t you agree?

I think they come for two reasons: one, animals like back porches because they just make you feel good. There is something about having an outside space that is attached to your house that can only be used on days when the weather is just right. The animals do not often get to share in the sharing co-habitat-space with the two legged tall walkers. I think they enjoy watching us. It's sort of like a zoo, only it’s a people zoo that the animals watch us from. Ok, that is probably over thinking it a bit.

Two, they're here to consider if they would like to be reincarnated as a human. Now, I feel as if I am being judged by the feathers and the fur that frolic around me. Why would they choose to watch me? There are two other back porches to the left and right of mine and one has a bird bath. How interesting could I be? I sit here reading books and typing on this laptop. Surely I am not a good subject to base reincarnation on.

A Cardinal flies down and perches itself on the top of my laptop screen and whispers in my ear “you're not, we're here for the bugs” and flies away...