Conspiracy Theory

Had a conversation about conspiracy theories last night.

The conversation started off by noticing a ring on his right hand. The ring had the face of an alien imprinted on it or what we accept as what an alien face would look like. Big eye’s, small chin, slit for a mouth and a swelled cranium. This is what we culturally or commercially believe what an alien looks like. Not sure who patented this alien face but whoever they are they made a killing off the idea.

I’m interested in listening to it all. It’s truly one of my favorite thing to do; to sit back and listen to grand ideas. If there is truth in the subject, I don’t care. Passion for belief is what interests me. If your passionate I will listen. Religious folks can come knock on my front door and I will listen. Tell me why I am going to Hell, tell me why I should pick your personal savior, tell me why I should donate to your cause, tell me why I should vote for your candidate...I am interested.

Give me a conspiracy theory and I will listen.

My belief in conspiracy theories is that there really are not any conspiracies at all. We all know too much about conspiracy theories for them to be theories at all by this point. When books, movies and websites merge into current myth and folklore we get the byproduct of conspiracy.

I would argue, if we know about it, then that is enough proof for it not to be a conspiracy. If the truth is out there then it as been set free a long time ago.

The conversation went on to discuss why our government and religious organizations know the truth but keep the truth to suppress and keep control over the masses: us.

If aliens do not believe in God that would crush the purpose of the church and worse than that if aliens do not believe in taxes that would crush the economy.

The conversation was interesting, I enjoyed listening.

Truth is discovered in perspective, I like that.

(insert spooky music here)