Commandments of Creativity (Part 6 of 10)

(See Commandment #1 #2 #3 #4 #5)

These commandments are getting harder and harder to write about as I go along.

I have taken many walks trying to place into words my message. It starts with the idea that few people get to be working artists. Why? Because few people do the work that is necessary to achieve their goal. The easiest example I can think of is building a portfolio. It is not often that a person builds a portfolio, does the work necessary to build that portfolio without the assurance that they will get something in return for their efforts. Money, fame, more work, pat on the butt, whatever it is that motives you to keep on creating. But the problem with creativity is not that it is an act of receiving something, it is an act of giving something. Results should not influence the amount of work that you will do or not do.

This rant brings me to:
Commandment #6.
Do as little harm as possible and be aware of the harm that you do.

What does that have to with creativity? Let me tell you.

It teaches you how to see the world through a different lens to do the work, the creative stuff, that is needed. Too often we walk through life unaware in a dreamless re-hash of what is going on around us.

To notice is to see suffering. To notice is to see grace.

If you live in America or any first-world country it is hard to purchase anything without doing harm to someone. We can not walk through life without causing harm to someone or something. Taking the time to notice the harm that we unintentionally place on each other, either by the products we purchase or the words that we might say, give us a source of creativity.

Creativity is fueled by our feelings, needs and wants. Art is pain, creativity breads suffering. Both of those two lines are spot on. The practice of seeing the world is a practice that can cultivate new ideas, new projects and a new way to bring purpose to your work.

Arts only purpose is to serve. What is your art serving? Is it healing or entertaining or thought-provoking to the viewer?

Do as little harm as possible and be aware of the harm that you do.

Create, connect and grow in body, mind and spirit.