Commandments of Creativity (Part 3 of 10)

(See Commandment #1 here & Commandment #2 here)

This is my Top 10 list for unleashing creativity. These 10 commandments will be my speaking points for my talk on “Faith & Creativity” and my new class “Unleashing Your Creativity”.

Commandment 3. Do not concern yourself with the results, concern yourself with the process.

Commandment number 3 is often the breaking point for why most people never start their creative lives.

All too often we want to get to the satisfaction without the need for the process itself.

Looking back I wish I would have titled Commandment 3 “Perfection is found in the process”. That is the essence of the creative life, the enjoyment and the experience is all that there is. The end results are not as important as you may think.

Life is a good example of this lesson, faith is an even better example of this lesson. No matter how much belief we have, if we do not put in the effort, do the work, the outcome is not in our control. Faith with works, works without faith, fight it out for yourself and in the end only those who have done the works and enjoy the process can look their “Creator” in the eye and say “I did my best, thanks for the opportunity”

In today's world the process has become all too easy to forget about. Why try when most things are done for us (see Commandment 1), we no longer “have” to try...anything.

Wash the dishes for the sake of washing the dishes. - Thich Nhat Hanh

The eastern philosophy concept - Mindfulness is the driving force for the creative person. How often are you in the “Here and Now” of the moment? We do things in a hurry just to get to the act of doing nothing, we rush through our food, our work and our thoughts to sit in front of the TV.

There is an enormous amount of depth and willingness to do something and to be fully awake of the process.

This is the gift of creativity. The creative person is awake in the moment of creating. For those of us who create things we do not call it “creating”, we call it practicing. We love it. If we only did our art for the sake of applause or to see a photo on a gallery wall or to hear the music on the radio, if we only did it for the after effect we would never get anything done. We would never be able to get past that nagging voice inside our head telling us that it is not good enough..

When we create, when we practice for the sake of enjoying the process of practice...this is enlightenment, if only for the hours that we are transfigured in the act. It's a powerful experience that my words cannot do justice. Trust me, it's grand.

What is our purpose if not to create, I ask you? The quest to understand our consciousness is the pursuit of perfection and that can only be found with practice.

The act of creating something, anything, is a door that can open you up to your purpose in this world.

Art's only purpose is to serve.