7 Proverbs on Light & Life

As of late many of my conversations have been about light. When discussing light I have the hardest time talking about it technically. Philosophically I would have to say that people make the same mistakes in life as they do with light; not taking the time to notice what is already there.

Below I listed my seven proverbs on light and life.

1. The feel of life is equal to the feel of light: you need to slow down to understand them.

2. The smallest changes create the biggest difference, as long as you put in the effort.

3. Solve the extreme problems first. The smaller issues will self correct.

4. Understanding the “why” of your starting point is often overlooked and provides the obvious solution to any problem.

5. Place “purpose and effort” into failing forward, because all that is left is experience.

6. Improve with relevance, do the work that is important.

7. The best way to study light and life is not by studying light or life at all but by studying the purpose, effort and the why of your passion. Light and life have no definable definition due to the fact that neither is ever the same twice.

Let me end with a note of warning... Do not take advice from someone who thinks they're right on these subjects all the time; nothing is ever the same twice. Please practice with extreme caution, be forewarned that only some of the answers can be found in books, the rest is up to you to discover.

Enjoy the journey.