30 Days, 30 Photos?

My 30 days of writing is coming to an end...nine days left. The past days of writing has excited me in many ways that I would not have expected at the onset.

I have taken longer walks thinking about writing. I have exercised daily thinking about writing. I have devoured more books searching for meaning, purpose and effort and read books to keep me focused on my task. I have enjoyed conversations, sipped wine and gotten hugs on this journey.

"Journey" is the word to describe this process. To write you have to live. To live you have to have enthusiasm for all that is around you.

I do not want to stop this flow of creativity. So what's next for me?

30 days, 30 photos? What do you think?

The goal would be to create a new photo each day. The only rule that I would set for myself is nothing repeated.

The biggest obstacle that I would face is getting my butt out of bed in the morning to shoot at daybreak and getting my butt off the sofa at night to shoot at dusk. When your butt is the problem that is never good.

I could do a long exposure of the skyline of Pittsburgh but only once in the 30 days and only from one point of view. I would permit a shot taken at dawn and at dusk to be to allowed as two different photographs.

With those same guidelines I would allow different abstract photos but only one could be from my ambient series.

Street photography is where I think I may have the hardest time deciding what is a repetitive pic. Street photography at twilight vs. street photography at rush hour are different, but both are still street photos. I will decide that one as the month goes on.

July 31st who will I be?

Today I am fitter, smarter (just spelled smarter wrong twice before getting it right :)) and happier do to this journey.

30 days, 30 photos. Will I succeed? Not even sure that I will complete this set of 30 days. I will try and I will enjoy the work.

Perfection is found in the process....

(side note from adoring wife that is editing this post: you can find lots of things to photograph in other cities. My psychic powers are telling me there is a romantic getaway in our near future...Oops! I mean a business trip for photography... ;-))