Cash is The New Vinyl

On a plane ride from FLA to PGH I ordered a drink, handed the flight attended a five dollar bill and he apologetically said, "Sorry sir, we only accept credit or debit cards." No problem, I handed him my debit card and he quickly returned with my drink.

That got me thinking about how little need there is to carry cash. In most cases I never have cash on me. I just happened to have a five on me which prompted me to purchase the drink in the first place.

The main problem I see since cash has gone the way of the vinyl record is in giving to charity.

Many times I have walked out of a store and passed a good cause by due to having no cash on hand. What is to become of the homeless who have come to depend on the charity of the passersby? I like giving to the homeless on the street, it just makes me feel good. Friends question me on what that person may do with it, but, I simply don't care. I like to give when I can.

To the Girl Scouts, Red Cross, Salvation Army, other random charities standing on sidewalks, I am sorry.

Cash has gone the way of vinyl record....