Sorry to the Creatives

Is the internet disappointing to you? It is to me. I used to be able to get lost in blogs, websites, social media and general reading and researching stuff. Now it's evolving into more and more of a corporate-big-box-web-store than the worldwide web. The web does not seem so wide or worldly anymore. What's left is a web of corporate conglomerates pushing out the independent person.

You, as a reader of this blog, may be thinking the same thing of me...am I boring? Nah, you have too good of taste to waste your time on a blog that's not up to snuff. (love you, hugs).

I have just come off my longest digital hiatus since I became addicted to the web in the late 1990’s. Over these last months my time on the computer has been limited to answering a few e-mails and scanning my favorite sites. What I have realized is the web is boring...sorry to the creatives out there working to build a new way of sharing and e-commerce. But we as the creatives (uploaders) of the internet are losing.

My complaints are not new. When information and technology level off, when it's no longer a new thing it becomes boring. There is only so much time we can spend with the screen in front of our face. I used to argue that we are all fighting for screen time. Fighting to get you, the reader, to spend your time reading, well...me or your favorite artist.

Today I change my argument to:
Do not give up on being human. Our only purpose is to create something new, daily.

Going for a walk, thanks for reading.