On Light

I love light. Light is a mystery that needs to be experienced.

Often I think I should of become a painter instead of a photographer. I go to the painter for inspiration more often than not. Even when I speak about light in photography I use words that are more akin to the brush than the camera. I sprinkle, dust, blend my photographs with light. Talk of key, fill, and back light simply feel too antiseptic for my taste.

My philosophy for creating photos is: Photograph the light first, compose the subject second. Consult nature first, for the light is never the same twice. I love that last line, carve it on my tombstone.

The grandeur and splendor of natural light is God to me. Always there if only you take the time to notice. Light is omnipresent even in the darkness, mystical bugger.

Next year I will be taking a trip to Utah to photograph the nighttime sky. I want to see the stars move from left to right. This is something you can't do in Pittsburgh due to light pollution of the city and the general low gray skies.

Photo tip: Just learned this (thank you Google for making me smarter), a digital camera can only handle an exposure of 20 to 30 minutes before your sensor overheats. To create longer exposures you have to shoot film. I researched renting a medium format camera for my trip, maybe an 8 x10 camera? It will be a lesson in self-discipline having to wait to see if my exposures come out correctly.