Long days, been fighting the flu.

Currently working on enhancements to the photo-workshop during the days. A great deal of the updates can be found throughout the archives of this blog. There is something greatly egotistically enjoyable about scanning through your own archives for new ideas.

Life is lived forward but understood backwards. Which philosopher said that? That is what’s great about keeping a working portfolio and journals. With reflection, perceptions and time away to see the work anew again.

As I write this post I am on a conference call with/about entrepreneurship. Is there anything more boring than listening in on a conference call that is nothing more than a blog article rehashed? (maybe reading about me complaining about it)?

On an odd side note: I went to the eye doctor today. How long will my eyes stay dilated? Eye drops were applied around 4pm and it’s now 9:30pm and I look all black eyed.