One Hour Walk Project

This past Friday afternoon I spent one hour of walking through a snow covered park in the Mexican War Streets on Pittsburgh's North Side.

Some days you just need to get out of the house and walk to see life. Too much of my time has been spent indoors lately, slightly maddening. Last year at this time I was leaving the gray skies of Pittsburgh, Florida bound to the sunshine.

The goal is to purposefully shoot B&W in camera (which I never do) and also to shoot in jpeg, also something I never do.

Taking photos of whatever struck me: people bundled up walking their dogs, random graffiti and the crazy few who enjoy bike riding in the cold weather.

The other composing idea was to frame large landscapes with small life in the bottom right hand corner. If you flip through my Flickr photos (HERE) you will see that I was not true to that self-imposed rule.

Needing to get out of the cold I slipped into Monterey Pub; an Irish pub amidst the Mexican War Streets. I like this place. I like its character. I could become a regular here, if I ever frequented a bar enough. I ordered a Guinness while Ruby Tuesday by the Stones played on the jukebox.

Good day. I warm up with a cold beer, write in my journal, flip through photos and the bartender who looks just like Jesus serves me a beer.