Monday ~ Interesting Stuff

Came across some interesting links.

Evernote app (HERE), I am late to the game on discovering this app. I just downloaded it to my iPad. I keep paper journals but think this is the best note-taking tool that I have ever discovered. Not sure how much I will use it but I am interested to find out, especially like the voice recording feature.

“Facebook hype will fade” article by Douglas Rushkoff, read it (HERE). It seems that the Facebook story has been all over the news network shows this weekend. This article is a counterpoint outlook to the 50 billion dollar hype that has been surrounding Mark Zuckerberg.

Is the Internet Changing the Way You Think? A new book edited by John Brockman the founder of EDGE.org. This is a book that I am very much looking forward to reading. Wall Street Journal has a good article about this upcoming book (HERE).

It looks like my reading and studying digital culture/commerce has not come to an end in the New Year. The hive mentality of copying the digital leader is too wide spread for a new culture to arise. Can you think of music or fashion that dates the 90’s or 00’s? The 60’s, 70’s & 80’s have a sound a fashion but these last twenty years has been owned by the remix, remash and redo culture. Or as I like to call it the copy, pay & wait culture of current day.

Who am I to complain? The last ten years of my life have been very good to me. My lifestyle could not exist if it was not for the digital culture/commerce that the Internet has provided. If I had to be tied to a brick and mortar store the freedom that I have would be gone.

Create, connect & grow.