Intentionality of Vision

Looking through this distorted field of vision, raindrop starbursts by oncoming headlights, the separation of colors became only black, white or red, leaving little room for depth perception. My vision scared me. I had little control over my sight.

It was hard to see while driving home from teaching a workshop last night, it was a rainy night. It was one of those nights that the rain was not hard enough to have your wipers going constantly, but enough rain to impair vision.

When I would turn the wipers on it would blur my vision well before improving my sight. So, I would only sporadically turn the wipers on and off as needed. Driving with this pixelated windshield of small raindrops had me thinking about vision.

The word "vision" to me usually takes on a future-thought of what is to come. The word "vision" is one of my personal motivational words as in: “I need to have a vision, work with a purpose and give without expectation”. A simple phrase that I use to guide me along my journey of life.

This vision-experience of driving in the rain had me thinking about the intentionality of seeing; vision with a purpose.

A while back I came across a photo-book taken by children at a school for the blind. The book was amazing. It was about the intentionality of seeing even when sight is not an option.

I often wonder if I would still create photographs if I could not see them.

I think I would.

The idea to create something, be able to physically hold onto a moment for all to see is important. The idea that these blind school children are actually holding onto a photograph that they created...a photograph which would hold more of an image than the human eye can see because it held real life is amazing to me.

Their intentionality of what, when, where & why they perceived this moment worthy of documentation.

That is powerful.

I love the light. I hope it never fades.

If darkness approaches, I will photograph. It may/will become more of a collaborative effort but I will still photograph.

The images will be created out of the intentionality of seeing; vision with a purpose guided by sound, touch, taste and the warmth of the sun.