Commenting on Comments

I may crucify myself for saying this later…e-mail me. Better yet, write me a letter.

I enjoy the e-mails that you have been sending me through the years. They are filled with honesty, depth and meaning.

I have decided to turn off the commenting option on this blog. It's not that I don’t want to talk, I do, but I want to move the conversation in a different direction.

Been thinking about it for awhile and the time feels right. This blog has shifted towards a working diary format. I love the comments...well, most of them. I will definitely miss the motivational advice that I been receiving from a group of you.

The RSS feed will still refresh over to Facebook & Linked-In. I rarely check in on my Linked-In page but I do moderate my Facebook page most days.

Maybe it’s the cold weather? It is that time of year in Pittsburgh when the walls start closing in. I miss walking. I miss the large sky. I miss a well-thought-out response. Take your time and write to me if you feel the need. There is much reacting, take pleasure in composing.

The hiatus on commenting could go either way, not sure. Whichever direction this leads, good conversation is what I am looking for. For those of you who e-mail me please continue to do so. I will do my best to respond.

See the “Say Hi” tab at the top of this page for my e-mail info.
If you would wish to write me a letter, e-mail for the address.

The pen in the photo above was a gift from my Father. I think of it as an instrument rather than a pen. The longer I hold a camera in my hands the more I think of it as an instrument also; an instrument that takes a lifetime to learn how to play.