Ramdom Thoughts

The second day in a row that I had a bad night's sleep, feeling quite groggy and numb as I write this.

Last night there was a windstorm that woke not only us but also the house. The wind was so powerful that it set off the alarm in the house, twice. The odd thing was our reaction to turn off the alarm before making sure the house was not broken into. Simple lesson learned; give the house a walk through for burglars before turning off the alarm.

The morning sky was dark gray with moving clouds. The last of the leaves have fallen from the trees marking an end to the autumn season and the birth of winter for me.

Spent the last couple of days thinking about the digital-connectedness of my life (a love-hate relationship). I miss conversations with actual real people. My days are filled up with responses to emails, tweets, and facebook, but very little conversations.

I made the decision to redesign my blog to a simple and somewhat minimalist style. The purpose is to keep my focus on the format to be a “working portfolio”. A place for me to document my projects and keep a diary of my thoughts.

Last night our “Create | Connect | Grow” meet-up had a nice turn out with good conversation, which confirmed my feeling for the need of more conversation and less responding.

Going for a walk…