New Project

“Creativity is only art if it’s shared.”

That sentence is the corner stone to a new project that I am starting.

The project is based on the subject of managing your photography life & biz. If I write this correctly you will come to think of your personal life and professional life to be married into one fluid life, which I call “Deliberate Living”.

My current working titles are “PHOTONOMICS”, “ART*LOGIKE” . Not sure which title I like yet. Any thoughts are welcomed.

Too often running a photography business feels like doing homework, rather than the work you were meant to do.

Does this sound like you? “I just need to get this thing done (return e-mails) before moving on to the next thing that needs done (updating social media) so I can get to my fun work: the creative stuff that I want to do.”

There are too many jobs within jobs that all need equal attention to keep the business moving forward.

What if you could do one thing deliberately with many positive outcomes?

It’s a business first, even if your business is to create art. That is a hard thing to say out loud for the majority of us who work in photography.

Art and commerce have a long-standing love affair with each other that is not going to go away, especially in this digital culture.


Curious? So What do you think?

As always, share your thoughts with me....