The Camera is not Imporant!

To take a photograph the least important thing that you need is a camera.

I’m not sure if I have written about this here before, but it's true. The camera is not as important as you think. In all truth it is the last thing you need to take a photograph.

Seeing is the most important thing followed by light.

If you are looking for a compositional map on “how-to” create a photograph here it is.

Sight, light and thought. The mysteries of the photo universe have just been revealed to you.

A photograph is what you want it to be. No manual, no book, no teacher (including me) can tell you how to compose a photograph.

I am finding this hard for people to understand. There is no map in photography. Only a journey.

Bad photographs create great photographs…take bad photos, lots of them. Enjoy the process. You will get better, much better.

Currently I am daydreaming about a photo that I will take in approximately three weeks when the fall colors are just right. Will it work out? Probably not.

The weather has to be right, the sky has to be right I have to be free to shoot that night...so many thing could make this shot never happen. But I dream about what I may create. I see the colors, I see the reflections in the skyline, I see the trees, I see the framing, I see how my eye will travel into the subject matter.

In essence the photograph is taken, I am just waiting for the right moment to press down on the shutter.

I had a great night of photo conversation and a couple of beers….Compositional process is a good thing.