Moment – Expanded Edition

Current Reading:
Art & Fear by Bayles and Orlando ~ Good book, its about facing the resistant of our inner voice when creating. This is the third book that I have read about “resistant” makes me want to write about the “release” vs. “resistant” when creating.

Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert ~ Loved it. There I said it. I am a heterosexual male who loved reading this book. Now, somebody turn up the Lady Gaga music.

Tribal Leadership by a whole bunch of people, follow the hyperlink if you are interested. Good book if you are into community building and bring the best out of others.

Oscar Wilde a Life in Letters by Merlin Holland ~ Just started reading this book, very good so far.

Current Music:
Elizabeth rock’en the ipod mixs

Mood: NFL game day…..its a mood.

Smells: Tomatoes

Sounds: My four year old dancing and bouncing throughout out house.

Temperature: 63 degrees

Thoughts: Is it wrong to tie a four year old to a chair as I watch football? If so somebody please get me a good lawyer.