Alone in a Crowded Room

People seem to be more lonely than not, have you noticed that?

How lonesome we can feel seated in a crowded room? Take away our phones and we become lost and lonely.

How could so much connectedness leave us disconnected from each other? Life exists precisely one foot in front of our faces. The exact distance that we hold our phone from our face.

Things I noticed seated in a crowd room:
- Silence
- Bad posture (Chiropractors must love this)
- Void of noticing people walking into the room.
- Nothing was growing in this room. No conversation, no writing, no thoughts, only viewing.

In this crowed room I was disconnected do to my own connectivity...

Things I noticed seated in the playground:
- A pregnant mother reading on her phone as her son plays in the distance.
- A father (not me) asking his daughter to go play as he types a text.
- A line of four other parents with their faces planted in the small screen. (seemed more like a seen out of a Tim Burton movie)
- For myself, I typed this on a note pad app on my phone while my daughter played on the jungle gym.

I am no longer feeling the need to be connected. I think by disconnecting I will communicate better to who is in front of me.

I would like to hear from you….

Do you consider yourself to be present in the moment?