What Would Kill the Photo Industry?

Better cameras, better software, understandable how-to books. What do you think?

Will the digital revolution leave no stone unturned? The e-book recently killed the book binding business. The mp3 killed the album/cd market. Stock photo market died about five years ago.

What will e-industries kill next?


Last week I wrote “Be Creative: Manifesto” part 1 (here) & part 2 (here…), it was written after a week of what I called my digital sabbatical. Now, a digital sabbatical is nothing new to most creative types who work in this new medium called digital.

Creativity lives in life, not in the bliss of the pixilated universe...sorry programmer peeps out there. I do love your work!

It is an odd feeling going back to the digital life after only seven days away from the computer and all its connected-ness. I like the social life that the web provides; Facebook, Twitter, even this blog is a main connection to my world.

Just as of tonight, right before I started to write this post I submitted my first proposal to speak at an event about how to mix digital culture with old world skills.

That is the point…

In the end it is about keeping your feet rooted in the soil and your head in the clouds. Never would I have thought the clouds would have been in cyberspace.

As always, I’d love to hear what you think...