Got Sleep

Went to bed Monday night at 9pm and woke up Tuesday at 1pm, still tired.

Went down to the kitchen, drank a bowl of cold miso soup that my wife left for me earlier in the day. Sat down at the computer at 2pm started editing the wedding from the weekend before. It was an Indian wedding, beautiful colors and lots and lots and lots of photos, 8pm done with the bulk editing. Thinking about food seems like too much work to cook, but decide on rice and vegetables.

Sitting on the sofa for the first time in two days, turn on the TV nothing on, no surprise there. Try to watch some news but too boring. Why do people care if Obama is a Muslim anyway? A country that is built on freedom of religion, just as long your religion is something a white guy believes in. (no comments please, I will just delete them).

Decide on watching TEDTalks videos on design thinking; I like this train of thought. I have been implementing design thinking into our photography biz. Keeping people and technology on the same page is a good marketing tip.

11:30pm need to go back to bed, tired but not tired enough to sleep. It’s time for repeats, turn on Hulu (is it turn on when watching on the net?). LOST the final season episode 17 Titled “The End”, not a bad starting point for my drifting off to sleep TV watching (or is it screen watching?)

With new technology new names for things seem to be the last thing to be decided on.