Insanely Useful Photo-Biz Tips

Ok, This post should be titled:

“Insanely Useful Human Centered Photography Business Tips”...
but that is just way too long to be a working title. The following list of tips has nothing to do with picking up your camera or turning on your computer.

- Fail often to succeed sooner

- “Acts of discovery consists not in finding new land, but in seeing with new eyes.” ~ Proust

- Create new experiences, not objects

- Write down your insights, be a dedicated notetaker.

- Seek out diverse side projects

- The karma of giving is powerful; what can you give away?

- Do more with less; what monthly services do you pay for that you barley use? Scrap it, or them.

- Do not be afraid to slow down.

- “Those who learned to collaborate have prevailed”. ~ Darwin

- Your business is constantly telling a story, do you know what your story is?

As always, I’d love to hear what you think...add to the list.