Life with a Purse & a Platt ~ Update

I have no major vices, sometimes I wish I did. Coffee is the hardest drug that I rely on. No addition of choice...what type of artist must I be? I have discovered that coffee, Gatorade and powerbars can keep you alive much longer than one would expect.

Work has been plentiful lately. We do our best to pace ourselves throughout the year, nonetheless we have been busy.

Let me give you an update on what we been up to.

Elizabeth, my wife has sent us off on a grand photography venture that we have been loving. You can read about the perennial seeds of that adventure here.

Towards the end of July we will be hosting famed photographer Jared Platt for a two-day stay in Pittsburgh to talk and teach about Lightroom version three. You can read about that here.

I have not had as much time to write as I wish but I have discovered a blog by Tom Dinning, a bloke from down under, who has some pondering thoughts on the subject of the still image. You can read and view his work here.

Weather in Pittsburgh has been hot and humid, very humid. Seems no matter how long you live in the Northeast part of the country your body never adjusts to the weather changes.

Got to go...my red wine and vicodin has just arrived.