Random Stuff & Notes From a Photo-Walk

It’s 9pm on Saturday night and I am getting ready to leave for the Photo-Walk. My wife yells out to me “don’t forget to wear your gloves”. I forgot, better yet I just didn’t want to be bothered to look for them. For the better part of this past month it has been in the mid 70’s during the day and the low 60’s at night. This night it was 40 degrees plus or minus wind chill factor. I should have listened to my wife, as always.

Two things I will never understand--First thing: why husbands don’t listen to their wives? Wives are always right and not in the yes-dear-please-don’t-badger me sort of way but in the why-the-hell-didn’t-I-listen to my wife the first time way? Yes, it's annoying but hey, a wife will keep you alive.

Second thing: why is it impossible to leave the house on time for any special occasion? Explain this to me? The family goal is to leave the house by 10am to go to Church for our niece's first holy communion. The family is up and awake at 7am…watch a little PBS Sprout, read the New York Times online and proceed to drink way too much coffee. Toss in a hot shower, yoga workout and I still have the 45 minutes with nothing to do. Then it happens. Time gets away, more like evaporates, maybe it just leaves and goes somewhere else? It’s time; not like I can control it. What is time anyway? It's not a particle, wave...maybe a vibration at best, it's a judgment call. A collective guess that we all agree on.

Sorry for the rant back to the Photo-Walk. Approximately 9:30 pm with very cold hands I walk up to a small group of people who braved the cold and were able to get off the sofa during hockey playoffs (that’s a big deal in Pittsburgh).

We take photographs and talk….

Conversation, that is my favorite thing about holding the Photo Walks. Every walk I meet somebody new, have a conversation about creativity and confidence. Conversation, creativity, confidence (the 3C’s of a working artist's career). Sounds like a nice trio of ideas; I should write a blog post about that.