Sunday's Workshop

If photography wasn’t a mystery it wouldn’t be a worthy pursuit.

I have been uttering the same phrase for over the past year at Workshops and Photo –Walks

“give up on perfection and develop your practice”.

That’s it. That is the mystery of the photo-universe revealed to you.

An artist will never be perfect. That is the only expectation of art; mastering the imperfection of your mind, tools and craft.

Enjoy your journey and create something new, daily.

You can download yesterday's workshop power point (HERE)
E-book ~ A new way to think about that old portfolio: The Photographer's Blog (HERE)
List of the websites we discussed: Flickr, Creative Commons, Mpix, B&H, Photoshop….Please, please, please remember ~ photography is not about purchasing something, it's about practicing something...

Thanks for attending….

Peace ~ John