Notes From The Walk

Sunday morning 8:30 am I drive into the city to attend a Photo-Walk that I am hosting. The group will not meet until 9am, so that gives me a half hour to walk along the riverfront and scout out locations to shoot at.

The walk is an open forum to all interested in photography. The only stipulation I place on the group is that you have to shoot in manual mode.

People are always asking me why I do this for free? And my answer is always the same: “This is how I learn what to teach”. I discovered these walks to be a win-win control group. The participants get to improve their camera skills and I get a true and clear understanding of the struggles people have in learning their craft.

Yesterday I was the student in the creative-thought process. One of the attendees has the coolest photo project design; photograph letters that are created within architecture and city life to create words.

(The women who shared her project with the group, thank you & I am so sorry I cannot remember your name. Facebook or e-mail & I will send out the biggest apology and follow that up with a blog post and hyperlinks.)

***UPDATED*** Tammy Hock Anthony is the photographer who came up with this great idea. Go Facebook her & check out her photos....

After the walk I went home and grabbed my wife and daughter and went back down to the city. This project is:
1) Fun
2) Hard
3) A great way to teach your daughter to see letters.
4) Practice in the art of seeing ~ this is something all photogs can learn from.

Can you guess what I spelled?????