Photographing in Manual Mode, So What

One of the things I like best about owning my own business are those rare days of a perfect life.

During conversations when people find out that I am a photographer their response is always the same: what a life. True, it’s a good life.

People believe that I work two or three days a week. If the camera is not in my hands then I am not working (oh how I wish that was true).

In my workshops one of the main points that I drill into the students' heads is
“ The least important thing you need to take a photograph is the camera.”

Second point:
“photograph the light first and compose the subject second.”

Third, as of yet unreleased drilling point,
“give up on using the word
perfection and replace it with the word practice.”

Photography is the art of seeing, observing and creating something new...daily. There is no beginning or end to my workday; I am thankful for that.

After a morning of e-mails, internet research and photo editing I went for a walk, a very cold walk with my dog. During this walk I had this thought – photographing in Manual mode, so what? For the better part of my photography career I have been taking it as a point of pride that I shoot in Manual mode and that I am a creative problem solver of light...so what... blah, blah, blah…..that’s what you are supposed to do dummy, nothing to brag about.

It was a rare perfect day ~ it’s a great feeling when the ordinary becomes profound.