On Building a Photo Community

I have a passion for photography; a love for the business that Elizabeth and I built and a commitment to the next generation to leave it stronger and healthier.

About a year and half ago on a cold night after being frustrated about not being able to find a parking spot, I walked late into David Burke’s studio where he was holding a Shoot N’ Learn networking group. That night was the catalyst for what I am trying to achieve today. I thought David’s working title for his group, “Shoot N’ Learn”, was perfect. In addition to that title I wanted to pair it with “Connect and Develop”.

The characteristics that I hope to instill upon the community will be:

~ Passion for learning
~ Effort and discipline
~ Good health; mental & physical
~ Foster a love for getting outdoors
~ Service to others
~ Using your camera in Manual without having to drudge through reading the manual.

What I am proposing to change about photography education is the “how” and “why” in the ways that we learn.

Two core principles for the photo community are:
Shoot N’ Learn
Connect and Develop

Create something new. That’s it, that is my goal to collectively achieve. Daily I am asked the same question, “What camera should I buy?” The question that should be asked is “How do I use my camera?” You cannot purchase your way to being a better photographer; the best camera to own is the camera in

your hand. Technology is great and it has pushed the frontier of photography into new and better directions. But the past is the foundation that needs to be deeply explored and understood.

There is a need to understand the Manual aspect of using a camera. A camera is a tool and I want people to understand how to use it, properly.

The reason to build this community is to discover what ideas need to be fulfilled. To connect people with problems to the people who have answers. This community is to position those for success, (whatever you deem success to be) not a guaranteed success, but to permit and promote it in others and ourselves.

The community will generate conversations in which we will can gain feedback, learn, connect and grow. The only guiding rules for the community are to be authentic, to listen, and respond by doing some good for society. And lastly to learn how to take remarkable photos.

For me, personally, this photo community will be successful when it is not the last word on photography but the first words; the starting place.

I invite you to join in on this ~ connect with me on facebook (HERE)

So, curious, let’s discuss

Photo Walks & Workshop Dates - October - December 2009

Photo Walk
When: Sunday October 18th 9:30 am
Meet up: Heinz Stadium Gate A
Cost: Free
What to bring: Camera, passion to learn and your walking shoes.

How To Everything Photography: Workshop 101 class
Meet up: Sunday November 1st 1 to 4pm
Where: Historic North Side of Pittsburgh at Annie O’Neill Studios
Cost: $55.00
Event details (HERE) Class limited to only 15 people
PS. It’s the Steelers off week, no traffic or parking issues…

Photograph Pittsburgh at Night– Photo Walk
Monday November 9th 7pm
Meet up: West End Overlook
Cost: Free
What to bring: Camera, tripod and warm clothes ~ it will be cold on the overlook.

Pittsburgh Light Up Night – Photo Walk
Friday November 20th 7pm
Meet up: West End Overlook
Cost: Free
What to bring: Camera, tripod and warm clothes ~ it will be very cold and crowed on the overlook.

Q&A Session & Meet-n-Greet
Thursday December 10th 7 to 9pm
Meet up: My house
Cost: Free
What to bring: Your questions, camera, good attitude and a friend. Let’s build the community.

E-Book released
January 2010
The Photographer’s Blog
Cost: $10.00 download