G-20 & Street Photography

Why Does the Pursuit for Peace Start with War?

I will be photographing the protesters of the G-20 Summit today that is being held in Pittsburgh. Not sure if I will be able to get close enough to get any good photos but I figure it's worth a try.

I will be taking the ”T” to Station Square and walking across the bride to the city. I had a conversation with a reporter friend of mine and he told me to expect three thousand media people on the street. Not sure how many protesters-for-peace will be on the street along with them.

I am not one for promoting protesters, even those with the best of intentions. I have a personal belief that if you want to create change you should put down the picket sign, walk off the street and walk into a soup kitchen and serve your community (or shelter, or VET hospital, or animal shelter or whatever cause you stand for). Or walk into any place that helps to educate the young and volunteer. Those are my thoughts; speak citizen to citizen.

Nonetheless this should be a once in a lifetime opportunity to see global action up close.