Deliberately Less

~Less driving, more walking
~Less consuming, more creating
~Less carbon, more air, water and soil

At 7:45am I was dropped off at the train for the first time. In Pittsburgh we call the train the “T” for short, not sure why. It’s a hybrid train-subway; sometimes it runs above ground and sometimes below.

I realized what a life of privilege I have when I am excited to ride the “T”. The ride was faster than driving. It takes me about one hour to drive from my home to Pittsburgh during rush hour traffic. The “T” got me in town and standing in front of the building I needed to be at in twenty-five minutes.

Mass transit, I am committed to you. I wonder if Al Gore will take my phone call now? I drive a Prius and take the “T” whenever possible; I have to be the poster boy for something.

One of my favorite observations on the “T” was the mass amount of people texting. Alone in a crowd connected to the outside world via an Internet connection.