Book, Movie and My Ego

I watched the movie the “The Soloist” today. It is the first time that I have enjoyed a movie as much as reading the book. I read the book this past May and it has been five months of being disconnected with the story. The pairing of the movie with the book is a complimentary experience.

The obvious connection between the book and the movie would be hearing the music and the imagery to enhance the text. There was more; life…real life not played by actors in the movie. The homeless extras were all homeless…life; not art, but real.

I like giving money to the homeless on the street, probably for all the wrong reasons. I have that split notion that goes through my head every time I give a homeless person a dollar. Is it for drugs or food? I give it not matter what and then think to myself that I would rather give and be wrong than not to give at all. Then I think about how gigantic my ego is and that Jesus is smiling down upon me or condemning me to hell for this non-altruistic act that feels so altruistic to me.

Either way go with Jesus’ decision.