90 days ~ Natural Method Conditioning

Part 6 of a 12 part series every Tuesday

Today is day 37 of my 90 days conditioning project. This is what I have learned:

The old saying “ Your body is a temple” is true. A temple is tall and strong on the outside and on the inside it is a place of quiet and contemplation.

The project has turned into a complete natural method conditioning in more of an expansive way then I would have predicted. Yes, it is about diet, exercise and meditation. Today the project is more about life. It’s odd to me to type the word “more” because actually it is all about less.

Live slow
Deliberately less

The purpose of meditation is not to sit on the cushion, it is to get up off the mat and live to carry with you the calm, balance and centered-ness that the mat gives you in your daily walk.

A daily walk has taken on a whole new meaning to me these past months. It is my creative time, my dual purpose time; it is my natural method to condition how I want to live.