Rant ~

To the Healthcare Protesters ~ shame, shame, shame on you…

What if healthcare was more like car insurance; 3 strikes and your out?

Let me use Rush Limp-ba as the chubby punching bag example:
Rush is fat: So Rush goes to the doctor to get heart medicine. The doctor tells him to take a pill a day, eat better and exercise.

Six months later the fatter Rush goes back to the doctor. The doctor tells him that he needs a stronger medicine (strike one).

A year passes and the Fat-R needs minor bypass surgery because he’s so overweight and doesn’t exercise. (strike two).

Recovering from surgery Fat-R discovers that he has a big appetite for prescription pain pills. He ends up in rich-man rehab, six weeks off from work while smoking cigars (strike three).

Let’s stop the abuse of healthcare with people who already have healthcare insurance. That would be the bulk of the protesters.

If a person does not care about improving their health why insure it?

If I get into three car accidents my insurance company will drop me faster that Fat-R can eat his way through a box of donuts.

I will pay more taxes ~ I want people to live ~ I care about universal health for our citizens.

If one person tells me that “sometimes people must die for capitalism to run true” I will punch you.