6,000 yr Old Solutions; 40 yrs to Learn

I have lived with two chronic problems for the better part of my life: back pain and sinus infections. These are not major ailments in the chronic pain world but daily suffering is only meant for the Buddha among us. I’m no Buddha. I will stand in line all day at the placebo store for relief, and have, often.

I’m sure I have spent my daughter’s future collage tuition three times over in the past few decades buying useless quick-relief products. I have taken more pills than I could ever count, shot disgusting sprays up my nose, preventive vaccinations that have never worked, homeopathic stuff like ear candles, herbs, teas, oils, vitamins, extracts, gave up on dairy products (that was a good move), CT scans, X-rays and finally painful surgery.

For my back I have gone the distance for a cure. Chiropractors, acupuncture, smelly creams, more pain pills, stronger pain pills, taken vitamins, seen specialists, X-rays, CAT scans, MRIs, bought a new bed, hung upside down, begged my wife for another massage, laid on planks of wood, had prayer “hands laid” on me, and stretched over a big giant red rubber ball, all to no avail.

Around ten years ago I got into yoga, meditation and proper diet. My new trinity of wellness; that was good (I highly recommend all three) but none of them were a solution.

My solution was simpler.

Water (click here) & Walking (click here)

Man is ever-evolving toward extinction. I believe this more and more to be true.

A sinus flush. F’ing water was my solution. Never in all those years did a doctor tell me to flush my sinuses clean. It is akin to a dentist never telling you about a toothbrush. It works, trust me.

Barefoot walking, my inner cave man must be hating me. If you rebuild your feet muscles you rebuild all your muscles. In turn walking and standing correctly, no back pain. Yes it was that simple. Good posture matters.

Past all the confusion lies simplicity,
~ Directly under your nose and in-between your toes ~

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