Woods, Walks & Economics

I am 40 years old and I walk in the woods everyday…my life is good.

I am convinced that the interesting connections between my walks in the woods and my personal creativity are enormous. I have been filling my journal up with all kinds of stuff after my walks.

Previously when I wrote about my new routine I had mixed feeling about giving up my quiet reading time of the day. I asked for help, suggestions and even asked to get connected with Oprah for guidance…to no avail.

What is clear to me is when art and commerce merge you live a life of economic-lifestyle. The word economics in Greek means “management of a household”. That is what being a working artist is: “management of your household”.

There is no specific dollar amount to judge success by. The questions are: are you a creative thinker and is the organization of your life a benefit to you and your family? If you can answer yes to those two questions then you are living a life of good economics