Recap – Purposeful Blogging Workshop

I would like to publicly use this blog as an open letter to the participants who attended my workshop at Silver Eye Center for Photography in Pittsburgh.

First let me apologize; I didn’t get the opportunity to thank you and say goodbye properly at the completion of the workshop. The workshop went late and I was talking with multiple people during all the chaos and hustle. I did not get the break to say thank you for attending, so…Thank you!!!

The questions that were being asked from both sessions were remarkable. Thank you for you interest, input and thought-provoking conversation.

I am looking forward to sitting down with each of you for a one-on-one to help answer your detailed questions that I was not able to completely answer due to time constraints.

There will be upcoming dates for new seminars & workshops that will cover a range of topics such as:

Photography basics and understanding your camera
A new way to think about your old portfolio
Whole-web thinking
Lifestyle marketing
Growing & sustaining your business

Thanks again to all. The time I spent with you was inspiring.

Peace ~ John

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