My Blogging Future

My Blogging Future

Did you notice the new banner above?

Every time I change my banner it’s a reminder to myself of the direction I am moving.

Blogging has become a mainstay in my professional life. The idea of keeping a daily working portfolio works for me. I like the idea of my progress as an artist to be documented…daily. I like the idea that my readers and clients get to follow along on the journey.

The future of my blogging holds a slight change in style. The professional side of my work will become apparent in the blog. A focus on Pittsburgh wedding photography will become a weekly topic. The themes of marking and generating whole web thinking will also move to the forefront.

The things that I love will stay – Photo of Week, Ambient Art, Pittsburgh at Night, Moment, Rants, 5 Question Interview, Short Stories, compositions and general life topics.

Why the change?

I have been writing and rewriting “Purposeful Blogging” the seminar that I will teach next week. The time spent researching and re-examining my own work has sparked new passions. I have uncovered some good maturity in my work and some areas that I have fallen short. That has been the purpose of this daily working portfolio to never stop discovering what needs to discovered. Listed below is a short list of the “what & why” of the new topics that I will write and be photographing.

Pittsburgh Wedding Photography – This is who I am or truthfully this is who we are. Elizabeth and I are two people who love photographing wedding. We embody passion about wedding photography. As a married couple we feel blessed and thankful that we get to share this consuming passion with each other.

Professional Development Education – I like to talk. I like conversation. I like to learn. People ask “what are you interested in” my answer is always the same…I am interested. For twenty years I have been a working artist in Pittsburgh. I have lived all the glory and splendor and at time heartbreaks of being a working artist. Now I want to share what I have learned with you. Look for more seminars and consultant services to come.

Art Galleries/Exhibitions – This is the goal (I just subscribe to “Art Form” magazine). It feels like the right time for this pursuit. With the audience generated from the blog and the photos from my Flickr page popping up all over the internet there seems to be interested in the work being showed. A big thank you to Creative Commons for the opportunity to license my work as I see fit.

That’s the update….thanks for reading and sharing my work.

Peace ~ John