My Writing on My Writing

Do you have to write in pain? The majority of great writers do. They suffer for their art; schizophrenia, addictions, temper-disorders, self-isolation and a general sense of plain not-niceness for most of them.

I do not suffer when writing. For that reason alone I will probably never be a great writer. I do not struggle over my writing or the re-writing process. Writing comes to me in a fluid stream of consciousness. I even find re-reading my past works to be quite enjoyable.

At this point I must apologize to you, the readers of this blog, for reading this not-so-great writing. You deserve better. Let me explain.

When writing this quick-witted piece of brilliance that you are currently reading I thoroughly took pleasure in the writing process, no suffering at all. I enjoyed myself to the point that I actually saw my own ego explode right in front of my waking self just to see it reincarnated back into its original self-obsessing glory. Yes, it was magnificent…

My solution to the creative agony: stop caring about great writing and enjoy the shitty first draft. Making a mess is the best way to find out who we are…just ask my three year old.

P.S. again sorry for all the non-greatness…enjoy the photos, I suffered over them.