The Fountainhead

I finished reading The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand last night (thank God). I loved it, I hated it, it made me think and it made me angry, it’s a damn good book, I am glad that I read it. Rand’s words will stick with me. They will not influence me but they have effected me. I object to objectivism and selfness is not a virtue no matter how well you argue it. Rand argued it brilliantly. The book is a classic and well deserved. It’s an anthem of thought more than a novel of ideas. The book is a soap opera argument to the work of Friedrich Nietzsche. I am guessing that Rand could care less about what Zarathustra spoke.

Howard Roark, the hero of novel, seems to be influenced by “Beyond Good and Evil” by Nietzsche. I could be wrong. If I am let me know.

The one thing I did take away from Rand’s writing is – if you object to this rant of mine I do not care.

I’ll be reading Atlas Shrugged next after some light reading on art.