Dinner for Two

Last night I had dinner with Elizabeth at a little Indian restaurant on South Craig street in Oakland. The fresh smell of garlic nan (bread) practically brought tears of joy to “E”. (p.s. be sure to ask “E” about her cupcake from this weekend's wedding. That is a story no man is fit to tell).

A quiet dinner just for two was much needed and well deserved. Four shoots in two days makes a photographer hungry and sleepy. Here is an insanely useful photography tip that they didn’t teach you in collage – Grandparents are a must…knowing that our little “e” is safe and happy when Mommy & Daddy have to be away from home is a godsend of peace to us.

Tuesday and Wednesday of this week I will be in West Virginia photographing commercial work. (Photo updates later in the week)

Updates on our photography career - “E” Intimates Series is doing great beyond expectation. I have my first workshop and commercial project that has been keeping me busy.

Side project work is a must for creative flow. “E” and I agree that side projects are a must-have to do wedding photography well. Seeing the world from multiple perspectives is what photography is all about.

See you all later in the week.